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Our Services

Financial Management

No one can predict the future, however our professionals have worked with dozens of financial advisors all over the nation.  Our experience can help you select the right professional to help you invest, protect, and grow your investable assets. 

We offer independent financial planning services that analyze your current net worth and cash flow and help you design a plan for reaching your financial goals.

  • Planning for Retirement: We also work with our clients to help evaluate all types of investments with return on investment calculations, present value analyses, and opportunity cost evaluations. We want to help make sure that our clients receive investment returns commensurate with the risks they are taking and that they have considered other investment options. We also can perform calculations to help clients know what their inflation-adjusted income will be, thus facilitating long-term cash flow planning.


  • Business Succession: Many of our clients own businesses that are a significant portion of their net worth and cash flow. Developing effective methods for selling these businesses or passing them down to the next generation is a very important part of financial planning. We help make these transitions effective in terms of providing capital and cash flow for the owners.

Financial Management